Q1. What are the broad aims of the Internship on Museum Management?
A1. The Internship on Museum Management (IMM) aims to contribute to the overall vision of the DakshinaChitra (DAK) Group through:
(i) providing a supervised work experience for interns to build their competencies for careers related to museums;
(ii) adding value to DAK through contributions of the interns to on-going work.
The IMM contributes to skills on how a living museum functions, while serving as a platform for generating and exchanging knowledge. It exposes the interns to working on the collective heritage of India, especially South India, covering tangible and intangible heritage– visual and performing arts, crafts, traditions and cultural practices.

Q2. What can I expect to gain from the internship? What are the specific objectives for the interns?

    A2. The interns can expect to:
  • Obtain hands-on pre-professional experience, knowledge and skills that employers in the sector seek, by functioning in a museum environment
  • Update technical theoretical knowledge on museums
  • Learn about the governance of a museum and gain an understanding of its structure, administration and operations
  • Develop their ability to identify, assess and solve varied on-the-job challenges
  • Assess and develop individual professional goals and boost career prospects
  • Acquire knowledge and skills on specific aspects of museum work
  • Spend time on meaningful work and/or a concrete project
  • Build networks and friendships to further professional and personal interests
  • Use the opportunity for immersion in diverse living cultures
  • Strengthen sensitivity and awareness of societies of India, especially South India
  • Add to a free database for those seeking information, contributing to public good
  • Increase awareness of current trends and emerging issues in the broader community of museums
  • Obtain a certificate and a letter of reference based on an evaluation of the intern’s performance

Q3. Am I eligible? Who are the typical interns?
A3. You are eligible if you have a bachelors’ degree (in any discipline) with a serious interest in heritage, arts, crafts or museums. Fluency in oral and written English is an advantage.

Q4. Are both Indian and foreign nationals permitted?
A4. Yes. While Indian nationals are encouraged, other nationalities are also eligible and valued. The diversity brings in different perspectives and contributes to richer interactions.

Q5. Are relatives of DakshinaChitra staff allowed?
A5. Yes. While there is no bar in respect of relatives, there is no preference for relatives of staff either. They have to compete with all other applicants on an equal basis.

Q6. Can past interns apply for another internship opportunity on museum management?
A6.No. The idea is to support as many candidates as possible.

Q7. What is the duration of the internship and when does it commence? Where are the work premises?
A7. The duration is 11 months, starting in the second half of July each year (typically, on the 3rd Wednesday of July).

Q8. What is the deadline for application?
A8.The last date to receive completed applications is 31st May of each year, unless otherwise stated. Interested individuals must apply on or before the date.
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Q9. Can I apply directly or do I have to apply through my organization?
A9. Independent individuals as well as those recommended by partner organizations or coming through academic institutions may apply (Please see Answer 3).
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Q10. What is the application procedure? Where can I find the link?
A10. Prospective interns have to apply in the prescribed format which may be obtained from the website under the DakshinaChitra Internship on Museum Management. This has guidelines, and the application form. Please read the material thoroughly to understand the application and selection process.
Completed applications, including self-attested copies of acceptable IDs (including Aadhar Card for Indian nationals), education certificates, proof of relevant experience, and a letter of reference from a responsible person who is familiar with the prospective intern’s work/interests with full name, email, phone and institutional affiliation (if any), may be sent by email to: dakmcf@gmail.com

Please indicate ‘INTERNSHIP ON MUSEUM MANAGEMENT’ on the subject line.
Originals of all supporting documents sent by email will be verified at the time of registration. Prospective interns should remember to bring the originals at that time.
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Q11. Is there a stipend and, if so, what is the sum?
A11. A stipend of INR 10,000 per month is provided for 11 months. Some local travel, in particular, between the two premises of the DakshinaChitra group (the Madras Crafts Foundationcity office and the DakshinaChitra Museum) is also supported. In exceptional circumstances an intern may choose to work beyond the required period if agreed to by the designated supervisors, but without a stipend for the additional duration. Interns have to pay for their own travel to and from Chennai.

Q12. What are the anticipated expenses during the internship?
A12. Basic expenses include accommodation, food, communication, and health related costs. Interns are expected to make their own living arrangements. The stipend is intended to cover only a part of the living expenses. A person coming from outside Chennai may budget for around INR 20,000/- per month, which may vary by individual preferences and lifestyle. Interns coming from outside Chennai have to pay for their own travel to and from Chennai. However, some local travel, in particular, between the two DakshinaChitra premises, is covered.

Q13. How do I track my application and how do I know if I am selected?
A13. Currently there is no provision for real-time on-line tracking. DakshinaChitra HR directly informs all applicants through email.
The selection is done through a two-stage process:
(i) short listing based on the applications; and
(ii) a follow-up interview for the shortlisted candidates. Decisions regarding the selection or otherwise are final. Please expect a communication by mid June of the year.

Q14. Where are the work premises? Will I have to travel elsewhere during the internship?
A14. There are two work premises:

DakshinaChitra Museum
East Coast Road, Muttukadu, Chengalpattu, Tamil Nadu 603118, INDIA
Telephone: +91 (0) 44 2747 2603

City Office
The Madras Craft Foundation, G-3 Madhuram Flats, 6, Urur Olcott Road,
Besant Nagar, Chennai 600090, INDIA
Telephone: +91 44 24462435 / 24918943

Interns are not normally expected to travel outside during the internship period. In case travel is required, the related costs will be covered.

Q15. Is there any health cover provided?
A15. The internship does not have a provision for health cover. All interns are responsible for their own arrangements regarding health related matters. Foreign nationals are required to have a comprehensive insurance coverage for the entire period in advance.

Q16. What are the identification (passport and visa, government issued ID) requirements for international and national interns?
A16. All applicants are required to provide two IDs, including proof of address.
Indian nationals may provide a valid passport or drivers’ license or voter ID, and Aadhar card. Clear scanned copies with self-attestation need to be submitted along with the completed application. Originals will need to be produced for verification during registration.

Foreign nationals are required to provide a self-attested copy of a valid passport, along with a second ID. They must also submit a self-attested copy of a valid visa either with the application or prior to arrival. Clear scanned copies of the relevant passport and visa pages with self-attestation need to be submitted. Originals will need to be produced for verification during registration.

Foreign nationals must have a passport that is valid at least for 6 months after conclusion of the internship period prior to arrival. If your nationality requires avisa as per the regulations of Government of India, you must obtain it in advance. DakshinaChitra does not take responsibility for this.

Those in the final year of their bachelors’ degree at a recognized college / university may provide their student ID.

Q17. What are the working hours?
A17. The regular work schedule is 09:30 am to 05:30 pm, six days a week, with a one-hour lunch break. Any other preferred schedule should be discussed with supervisors.

Q18. Will I be working with one vertical/department or are there options to cover more than one?
A18. Typically, an intern covers all verticals to get a fuller understanding of how a museum works. For those seriously interested in spending more time on a particular aspect of the museum’s work, a suitable schedule is worked out. The verticals are:


  1. Museum: Collections, Archiving, Conservation and Library
  2. Education and Training: Research, Arts and Museum Management, Exposure and Orientation for students
  3. Events and Experiences: Exhibitions, Calendared and other Events, Cultural Tourism, Crafts-shop, Crafts-bazaar


  1. Administration:General administration, human resources, ethics, legal matters, premises management, secretariat for the Board
  2. Finance and Accounts: Fund raising, budgeting, tax matters, servicing the Board on finance and accounts.

Q19. Will I be consistently supervised? To what extent is an intern able to take up independent responsibility?
A19. Interns work under supervision of the relevant DakshinaChitra staff. At the same time, there are many opportunities for handling independent responsibilities as well.

Q20. Can I get a job with DakshinaChitra after completing the internship?
A20. Former interns may apply for relevant openings, if they arise, provided they have the required qualifications and experience. Previous interns have found placement in DakshinaChitra. However, this internship is not intended as an entry point to DakshinaChitra - completing an internship does not automatically qualify for a job, which depends upon vacancies and suitability.

In case of further queries, you may use the email address:dakmcf@gmail.com or
call +91 44 24462435 / 24918943.